Annual Meeting

2018 Fall Meeting
Sunday, October 7th
Lake Placid Conference Center

  • Attendees recommended six winning 2018 W.O.W. grant awards to local organizations. Winning proposals will be formally announced October 22.
  • The main speaker was Rachael O. Phillips, an upbeat, offbeat storyteller who embraces the extraordinary ordinary. Phillips is known for her humor. She’s also the author of numerous romance and cozy mystery novels. You may wish to check out her Monday, Oct. 8 blog comments on speaking at W.O.W. and several additional pictures  at
  • Shared fellowship with other philanthropic minded local women during the provided luncheon.

A Photo Gallery of W.O.W. Fun!

Speaker Rachael Phillips is an author of essays, romance novels, and cozy mysteries living in Upland. She is also the winner of an Erma Bombeck Global Humor Award.






The opening entertainment was a skit performed by the W.O.W. Leadership Team entitled “Erma and Amish and Pirates, Oh My!” a spoof on the topics of several of Phillips’s essays and novels.








 Members socialize and recommend 2018 W.O.W. Grant awards.