Annual Meeting

2017 Fall Meeting
October 29, 2017
1:00 p.m.
Lake Placid Conference Center

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2016 Fall Meeting

More than 100 W.O.W. members and honored guests gathered for the W.O.W. Annual Fall Meeting on November 6, 2016, at the Lake Placid Conference Center. The group enjoyed the fun, fellowship, and grantmaking that characterize W.O.W.  Four grants were recommended this year to local nonprofit organizations that benefit women and children in Blackford County.

  • Blackford County Schools 
    $1,000 to buy materials for a tailor-made 7th grade mathematics program that fits Indiana standards and local needs as opposed to national textbooks
  • Hartford City Public Library
    $500 to purchase specialized materials that will support the library’s story time and craft sessions for preschool-age children
  • Helen Lieber Preschool 
    $750 to provide family-friendly activities and classes for young parents, especially mothers, using a national program called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
  • Treehouse Preschool
    $750 to purchase new and safe playgroup equipment

Bicentennial Legacy Project

As part of W.O.W.’s Bicentennial Legacy Project, 21 local residents who grew up during the Great Depression were interviewed by Blackford High School journalism students and by W.O.W. members. Their stories were highlighted by Bailey Cline, the 2016 Miss Blackford County, in a speech that focused on the satisfaction that local students felt in conducting these interviews. Those interviewees in the audience were honored. Their stories are printed in Speaking of Yesterday, a book now available at the Foundation for $5. Those whose stories are included are Louise Clamme, Jim Dolan, Bernie Garrett, Mojeska Hedges-Russell, Martha Hunter, Dorothy Jackson, Mary Margaret Kelsay, Jean and Mary Landis, Dorothy Love, Jane Maddox, Louanna Mossburg, Ruth Flatter-Oswalt, Willadine Roberts, Norma Smith, Cecelia Rose Stroup, Larry and Doris Tyler, Charles and Betty Walker, and Marie Whetsel.

Past W.O.W. Highlights

Five Pieces of Pizza in 2014

Nearly 100 local women gathered for the W.O.W. Annual Fall Meeting on November 2, 2014, at the Lake Placid Conference Center to enjoy the fun, fellowship, and grantmaking that characterize W.O.W. They had the chance to identify with a certain “pizza personality,” to award $500 grants to 15 different local nonprofit projects, and to laugh with speaker Willa K Sprunger on the typical foibles of living our lives in modern times. Sprunger lives in Bluffton, Indiana, and is a popular speaker in the area. She published Five Pieces of Pizza and a Can of Grape Soda, a collection of her personal stories.

International Award for W.O.W.

Sigma Phi International Sorority, Inc. presented a $6,100 check to the Foundation’s Women of Worth organization on June 29 during its annual convention in Indianapolis. W.O.W. received this Little Friends Health Fund award in recognition of W.O.W.’s focus on supporting local women and children through grants to such projects as Silver Linings and the Career Carnival.

Raising Charitable Children

In 2013, Blackford’s Women of Worth fall meeting had the pleasure of hosting their guest speaker, Carol Wiseman. She is an international expert on philanthropy and the author of “Raising Charitable Children.”

Weisman suggested that we encourage our young children to make a small financial donation to the charity of their choice as part of their birthday celebration, not in lieu of a party or gifts, but in addition to them. Children might even give the donation in person and meet the staff at the nonprofit, particularly if the staff has been pre-warned that the child is coming to make a small donation. The occasion becomes memorable and joyful.