Past Grant Awards

Each year the Foundation typically awards 30 to 40 community grants, ranging from $500 to $25,000.
In March 2017, the following organizations received Foundation grants: 

Arts and Culture
Arts Place Inc.
     Amount:  $24,000 (partially from the Opal Greenlee Memorial Fund)
     Purpose:  To provide support for Blackford County’s MusicWorks program as it provides intensive music instruction for any student.
Tori’s Butterfly Garden Foundation, Inc. 
     Amount:  $4,000 (funded by the Betty L. and Robert W. Renner Community Fund)
     Purpose:  To support the 2017 Summerfest Arts Festival.

Community Development
Blackford United Way Inc.
     Amount:  $5,000
     Purpose:  To support eighteen community nonprofit organizations.
Montpelier Lions Club
      Amount:  $660 (funded by the Thomas and Bernice Johnson Memorial Fund)
     Purpose: To upgrade the electrical wiring in the Montpelier Lions Club building.

Blackford County Civil War Reenactment Club, Inc.
      Amount:  $5,000
      Purpose:  To help provide funding for presenters and demonstrators at the 2017 Civil War Days in May.
Blackford County Schools
     Amount:  $7,500
     Purpose:  To provide a kit that would allow the students in a classroom to take a field trip via a virtual reality app.
Blackford County Schools
     Amount:  $5,000
     Purpose:  To support scholarships for elementary students to attend the 2017 summer Camp Invention during which students explore science, technology, engineering, and math projects that encourage creative thinking and problem solving.
Blackford County Schools
      Amount:  $1,5oo
     Purpose:  To provide partial funding for supplies that provide a hands-on project in the Blackford High School greenhouse as agriculture students learn  at Blackford High School and start a hands-on learning program for agriculture students there.
Blackford County Schools
      Amount:  $1,000 (from the Dorothy Gadbury Fund)
     Purpose:  To partially support plans to have a nationally known motivational speaker on the ongoing problems of alcohol and drug addiction,including problems for local communities.
Hartford City Public Library
      Amount:  $56,397 (funded by the C.A.P.E. Fund)
     Purpose:  To build outdoor nature play learning stations for pre-school and elementary age children that will be used to foster literacy.
Montpelier Harrison Township Public Library
     Amount:  $2,024 (from the C.A.P.E. Fund)
     Purpose: To provide summer literacy activities and experiences for local elementary children. 

Health and Human Services
Blackford County Senior Citizens Center
     Amount: $3,944 (partially funded by the Dorothy Gadbury Fund)
     Purpose: To help buy a new stove, storage cabinets, and fresh produce for the Senior Citizens’ Center and its “Let No Senior Go Hungry” program.
Blackford County YMCA
     Amount:  $3,500 (from the Vincent F. and Anna C. Cimino  Community Fund, the Cimino Family Fund, and the  Paul L. Roderick Memorial Fund)
     Purpose:  To provide scholarships for deserving youth and their families to participate in the YMCA activities available.
Cancer Services of East Central Indiana (Little Red Door)
     Amount:  $2,000 (from the Dorothy Gadbury Fund)
     Purpose:  To provide cancer client assistance programs for residents of Blackford County in 2017, including transportation, prescription assistance, and medical equipment.
Mental Health Association of Blackford County  
     Amount: $1,000 (from the Dorothy Gadbury Fund)
     Purpose: To send one young adult with special needs to two week-long camps in the Indianapolis area.
The Good Seed Initiative, Inc.
     Amount:  $2,474 (partially funded by the Betty L. and Robert W. Renner Community Fund and the Charles and Betty Walker Unrestricted Fund)
     Purpose: To provide healthy food and continuing agricultural education for all economic levels through activities that foster collaboration and gardening/farming skills.

Many past grants fall into the five general interest areas. You may wish to explore the grants awarded over in past years.