Grant Information & Application

Community Grant Application 

New in 2021: An application must be submitted by the deadline and then reviewed by the staff. Applicants may be asked to clarify portions of the application before consideration for possible funding. See the application form for more details.

New grant applications will be accepted in January 2022.
Watch for details.

Community Grant applications are accepted in January and July.
Additional grant opportunities are available through the W.O.W. grant program.

We encourage you to help us with our mission of making Blackford County an even better place to live and work by submitting your plans to advance that goal with a grant application.

As You Consider Making a Grant Application . . .

  • Yours must be a nonprofit, education, or government group to receive a grant award.
  • An individual may receive a grant award only under special circumstances.
  • Political activities, general operating budgets, religious purpose programs for the benefit of the members of a specific religious group, capital building project campaigns, and the building of endowments are not generally funded.
  • All grant awards are made according to IRS guidelines.

Additional details about these requirements are included on the BCCF Grant Application. But please contact our Executive Director Elizabeth Witt at 765-348-3411 or to determine if your proposal fits the guidelines.

When a Grant Award Is Made . . .

One to two months after a grant application deadline, the contact person listed on the application will be notified by phone and by mail whether the grant has been awarded or not. In the following few weeks, the awardee will receive a Grant Agreement  that spells out the specifics of the award and must be signed and returned. Then Foundation issues a check in the amount of the grant award.

When  a Grant Award Ends . . .

The organization must complete the Report on Use of Grant Funds form and return it to the Foundation.

Report on Use of Grant Funds