Linking Your Great Ideas to Local Organizations for the Bicentennial

Posted February 6, 2017

You are the ones who have great ideas for improving life in Blackford County. It is the Foundation’s goal, then, to link your idea to a group of organizations that can make that project a reality.

Some of you were the ones, for example, who had a great Bicentennial Legacy Project to propose when the Indiana Bicentennial Commission came calling asking for proposals. You wanted to preserve the stories of some of our oldest citizens, so the Foundation linked its Women of Worth organization to journalism students at Blackford High School. The result was an oral history collection entitled Speaking of Yesterday and plans to gather and preserve more of the life stories of our citizens born before 1930.

That wasn’t the only Bicentennial Legacy Project in which the Foundation helped find partners. In fact, the Blackford County Bicentennial Committee used Foundation partners

  • to coordinate the Bicentennial Torch Relay team of 20 runners who carried the torch through the county on September 28,
  • to celebrate the closing of a Blackford County time capsule due to be opened at the next statehood celebration in 50 years, and
  • to serve a community meal at the Elks Lodge.

You are a part of the network of community-focused Blackford County-ites through your interest in the Foundation. Let us help you determine who might be able to contribute the know-how necessary for fulfilling your community dreams.

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