More Community Indiana Bicentennial Events

Posted February 6, 2017

Torch Relay Exhibit

Representatives of the Blackford County Bicentennial Committee presented a Bicentennial Torch to Blackford High School on January 24. The torch will be displayed next to the local Bicentennial Time Capsule in the high school’s showcase. The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in September 2066 at the time of Indiana’s 250th Statehood Day celebration.

Bison-tennial Public Art Project

Blackford County is participating in the Bison-tennial Public Art Project as a lasting monument to the Indiana Bicentennial celebration. The project aims to place a decorated 5-foot-tall fiberglass bison in every county. The Blackford County bison was purchased by a group of locals and is currently under the brushes of Blackford High School art students. The varied times and places that are Blackford County’s history are depicted in the drawings on the bison.

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